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A possible loss of your Instagram Page , is another good reason why, small and large businesses need to respect the intellectual property belonging to others.

There are social media reports, that a popular Instagram merchant, that sells beddings, had her Instagram account of over 7000 followers shut down, for selling bed sheets that carried a “Gucci” Logo. Gucci had written to Instagram, complaining about a possible infringement of its Intellectual Property. This underscores the need for Instagram Influencers/Vendors to retain Intellectual Property lawyers.

This update will be discussing whether IP infringement can make Instagram shut your Instagram page?

To read more please follow this link:. Can IP infringement make Instagram shut your Instagram page_by olufola wusu.docx

Olufola Wusu is a Commercial/Oil and Gas and I.P. Lawyer with Megathos Law Practice based in Lagos.

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Olufola Wusu is noted for his “dynamic practice” and “commercial acumen”. He is praised for his “first-rate skills” in assisting clients