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Dear All,

We may have seen the presentation by Google, on the most searched words in Nigeria, at the Google for Nigeria event.

Despite the outrage, there are a few positives. Please remember, search trends can vary depending on events, seasons and many other factors.


These trends, are pointers to ways, in which we can create jobs for our teeming youths!


Nigerians are fanatical about football, if you are marketing World Cup Intellectual Property Rights, you need to look at Nigeria.


We have a number of young people, looking for work; that is, if you want to invest in Nigeria.


The food industry is big, with demand growing everyday. Native soups are pretty popular, I remember eating Banga Soup and fresh fish close to the NEPA substation in Unilag.!


The Dance industry in America may be worth close to $3 billion per annum, according an online report.

In America, for the year 2017, the Dance Studios industry was expected to generate 96.3% of its revenue from tuition payments for dance classes. Ballet is Popular in Nigeria.

Can someone start a Shaku Shaku dance school already ?


Nigerian weddings, are probably incomplete without jollof rice and the good Nigerian women, sporting their head tie, popularly called gele, in local parlance.

“You can have five million Naira ($13,869.65) at one end of the spectrum, 20 million Naira ($55,478.60) in the middle and it can even get as high as 100 million Naira ($277,393),” prominent wedding planner Funke Bucknor tells CNN.

Rather than castigate their interests, can we get to work on ways to structure and monetize the industries we can create from these interests. All these trends are loaded with Intellectual Property that can be monetized.

We have different interests, this variety when properly harnessed, will help make Nigeria great. That is something #OkotiesLetter advocates.

Olufola Wusu is a Commercial/Oil and Gas and I.P. Lawyer with Megathos Law Practice based in Lagos.
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