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The good people of the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency “LASEPA”, were kind enough to invite me to come and facilitate on policy formulation and the appropriate policy tools and economic instruments that can be used to turn “Environmental Challenges into Business opportunities” at their retreat last week.

LASEPA is the premier environmental protection agency in Nigeria with a culture of human capacity development and innovation.

Policy documents are just like model contracts, they provide an initial regulatory position, from which governmental direction can easily be inferred or clearly communicated to stakeholders. Clear policy direction has a way of enhancing investor confidence.

We also discussed the recent happening in New Delhi where schools were shut for a week due to the level of pollution there, New Delhi’s air quality index of 999, was a source of worry. Breathing New Delhi’s air right now is the equivalent of smoking 45 cigarettes a day! (http://berkeleyearth.org/air-pollution-and-cigarette-equivalence/) More alarming were the similarities between the population of New Delhi and Lagos, which make the cleaner Lagos imperative more desirable.

The scramble for LNG by India and China in order to protect their environment may very well succeed in pushing the price of LNG up.

It was a very interactive session on the policy tools that will help shape behavioral patterns for a cleaner Lagos, quite an engaging audience!

Epe is such a beautiful and serene place.

The LASEPA team is awesome, very talented people they have there, doing a great work!

For those looking for help with policy related work whether internal policies or governmental policy, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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