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Recent Merger

Qatar Gas and Ras Gas have been merged into one company, in a merger Doha hopes will save as much as $550 million a year, benefiting from economies of scale. with a current liquefaction capacity of some 77 million mt/year according to a company release.

LNG and IP
QatarGas engaged in intensive research and development leading to technology innovation backed by patents that enabled it to build Liquefied Natural Gas plants on a very large-scale.
Qatargas 2 maybe the largest liquefied natural gas project in the world and Qatargas’ first expansion project.
The offshore platforms are unmanned, and were pre-fabricated in Abu Dhabi and then floated out to the North Field, making it safer and easier for the platforms to be constructed.
Qatargas 2 has surpassed the quantity of gas that an LNG train has produced before, now reaching 7.8 million tonnes per year. This is a 66% increase on any performance ever achieved in the industry – a key step in making LNG economically viable for long distance markets. Over 40 new technologies and 3 million pounds of new equipment and systems were implemented.

Provision of Floating terminals for developing countries

Qatar seeks to open new LNG markets with floating terminals; Qatar Gas Transport Company and Norwegian shipping business Hoegh LNG have embarked on a joint project to open new markets for Qatar to sell its liquefied natural gas (LNG) via the provision of floating import terminals. The terminals, which are also known as floating storage and regasification units, are useful for developing countries seeking access to cheap gas on tight budgets.

Larger Tankers
Qatargas pioneered the development of two new classes of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tankers. Referred to as Q-Flex and Q-Max, the ships were designed by a team of engineers who have made a quantum leap in the capacities of LNG carriers. Each ship has a cargo capacity of between 210,000 and 266,000 cubic metres and is 80% larger than the Q-Fleet ships. One full cargo of a Q-Max can heat every home in the UK – that’s 26 million homes – for one day. Source: www.qatargas.com

Single Cargo to two locations Co Loading
Leveraging on the capacity of the Q-Flex and Q-Max LNG tankers, Qatargas pioneered the use of a single LNG cargo for delivery to more than one port, having previously loaded a single cargo for delivery to one location.

Co Loading
Qatari gas producers Qatargas and RasGas have co loaded their first LNG cargo for delivery to more than one port, having previously each loaded single cargoes for delivery to one location. Pointing to the possibility of LNG shipping as a service for multiple LNG trains, thus outsourcing the cost of shipping to a third party.

It goes without saying that technological development does not happen by chance, it can be encouraged by good policies like the National Gas Policy serving as a spring board for the inventiveness of our local companies to flourish.

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