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The Honorable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources today hosted a landmark Gas Sale & Aggregation Agreement signing for 74MMscf gas delivery to a US$500m LNG Facility located in Rumuji, River State owned by Greenville LNG.

#7BigWins in motion

#7BigWins in motion
Greenville LNG’s investment in small scale LNG is poised to deliver liquefied natural gas (LNG) by LNG powered trucks which have the capacity to travel about 1,000 km on LNG before refueling, to states not connected by pipeline, supplying power plants and industry with cheaper, cleaner fuel.
Total Nigeria and Gas Aggregation Company Nigeria Ltd (GACN) would deliver gas to a small scale LNG plant owned by Greenville LNG.

Uses of LNG by Megathos Law Practice

This update will be discussing 7 Things every Discerning Investor Should Note about Small Scale LNG in Nigeria …

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