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Oil waka go Gas waka come.

Na here we dey kampe Gas comot house Gas enter road Na here we dey gidigba.
Money beacoup , Price come fall yakata
We still full ground, shoo see as fire full up,  Them no off the candle for yonder.
Night come resemble day,  day come resemble night for we village.
See as Dia bunk set, light full everywhere, dem no dey gree comot. Person we no do bad tin go dry fear so?
As e be, our mumu don reach,  water Don pass garri for yonder…
Nothing dey happen,  nothing do us, no shaking no be only us dey road Mama, papa and pickin follow join sef.

As then no do our community better, na kasala remain.
We bin yarn dem, say water too dear, tisha no dey school2, say goat don born pikin inside our transformer.
Na so so tori dem they give person, the sobo don do.
No be today, na so oyinbo collect Karibi sisi, She talk say Karibi no get better money, say no be only plaintain she wan chop. Na so Karibi kuku cum join us for Dia.  We wey dey dia head on top say  dey no do our community well, Karibi own, no Denye him sisi wey oyinbo colonize.

Doubra  no well, na so so pipe he go dey burst,like say him be welder.
Then no go fit work today Godo good full ground  But na we we level we dey. Them talk say, them bin tink say Them don do us well… For wia,na to do the normal tin remain,  or na here we go dey till then close dia well…

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