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Farmers dig a hole in the ground and put an apple in it. When a monkey, tries to pick the apple by clenching it’s fist,  the hole becomes too small for the monkey, to remove it’s hand, without letting go of the apple.

The monkey stubbornly, holds on to the apple in the hole, the farmer will catch it there…

#UnpaidSalaries = #MonkeyTrap

To all those bound by fear of the “monkey trap”,  of unpaid salaries, waiting for their employers, to pay up all their salary arrears before venturing on that entrepreneurial journey, or looking for another job. Please beware, of waiting for one more banana.

Some employers, are honestly, going through a rough patch, if there are promises, to compensate those who “weather the storm with them” endeavour to get your union, to brief a lawyer, to draft a “Collective Bargaining Agreement” to codify such a promise. Human Resources Managers are very busy people, they just may forget such an oral promise.


Some colorful employers, intentionally delay salaries in a bid to keep you, the employee, in the system. #MacabreTalentManagement

Others, delay salaries, as a cash flow management strategy, they believe employees are more flexible, than financial institutions and more pliable too . #CashflowManagement

A few, delay salaries, to keep a bloated workforce, to give an exaggerated impression, of technical capacity. #FeignedCapacity

Colorful employers turn their employees,  into involuntary venture capitalists.  For example a company’s wage bill is N50 million per month.  If that company delays 5 months of workers salaries. The company would have gotten their workers to provide N250 million as an interest free facility.

The winners are the company, the directors, the shareholders; the only losers, are the unpaid workers…

There are fresh apples out there.

While, you should explore all the legal options, please consult your lawyer(lawsuit to recover your unpaid salaries, petition to Pencom for deducted but unremitted pensions, petition to the regulatory body in charge of the industry of your employer etc)  available, (either as an employee or as a part of your union) to retrieve your unpaid salaries, pensions and other allowances..

Thinking out of the box will help, there are fresh apples everywhere,  you need to find them!

Olufola Wusu is a Commercial, Oil and Gas and I.P. Lawyer with Megathos Law Practice based in Lagos

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Olufola Wusu is noted for his “dynamic practice” and “commercial acumen”. He is praised for his
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