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Two wonderful friends of mine Kunle Dare Akinbanjo and Raji Agnes Oluwamayowa got married recently and I was amazed at the amount of IP that flies around in a wedding ceremony.

It’s actually true, weddings contain a great deal of Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property in Weddings;

The basic types of Intellectual property prevalent in weddings  are the following; Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade Secrets.
Here is a quick sample of the Intellectual Property that flies around in a wedding.

Your wedding programme, guest list, pictures, video recording are protected by copyright.
Your invitations, programs, place cards are covered by copyright.
Your menu list and the recipes involved in the making of the dishes, drinks and cakes are probably protected by trade secrets, non disclosure agreements and copyright.

Your wedding procession and all the wonderful dance steps as recorded in the video also fall under copyright.

The sound system used is protected by numerous patents, trademark and industrial designs.

The general decor i.e. lighting, linens, extra floral arrangements and
arrangement of the hall is covered by trade dress/IP protection in some other jurisdictions.

The grand entrance you came up with will fall under copyright, trade secret and non disclosure agreements.

Your wedding band is protected by patents and a trade mark well it’s not owned by you.

The rites of your traditional wedding fall under folklore and indigenous knowledge.

The attire i.e. gown, tux or dress, suit, whatever you wore are also protected by copyright, trademarks and industrial designs

The accessories (veil, jewelry, watch and cufflinks, etc.) are protected by patents, industrial designs and trademarks etc.

“What went down after the reception” *winks* would probably fall under non disclosure, non solicitation and trade secret protection.


We won’t ask and you won’t tell.

Well eventually when junior pops out that will be another kettle of IP on its own…

Happy Married Life folks



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