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Oh how I wish my Car would run on gas.

It’s being years and I hope my dream comes to pass.

Then I heard one or two Dangote trucks had switched to “dual”

I am not a dreamer, I am just being factual.

Now it seems my dream has begun to gather mass.

We have wet gas, dry gas, tolling, access codes, gas sales and transportation agreements and a huge gas processing plant in Uquo. We have a lot of gas in Nigeria, well so says Platts.

Then along came the Nigerian Gas Master Plan, singing the song of gas for all.

Okay I am ready to answer the call but first can my car run on gas this fall?

The power sector reforms gave birth to many a gas powered turbine whistling away in abject boredom, longing for a cool drink of sweet Nigerian LNG for a start.

There is a revolution going on, a gaseous one at that.

It’s being piped, shipped and trucked, its gas a la carte.

Planes, trains, ships, trucks and cars are clamouring for gas.

It comes in CNG and LNG but either way it works my engine.

It floats; twirls, splashes and burns with cleaner energy emerging.

Then I heard about the gas pipeline joining 4 African countries nay LNG being shipped all over the world. This got me thinking why can’t my car run on CNG or the trains that wake me up every morning run on LNG??

Olufola Wusu is a Commercial, Oil and Gas and I.P. Lawyer based in Lagos

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