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Legal Services (I solve Legal problems, consult on Oil & Gas Policy, monetize Intellectual Property, Guide companies investing in Power, Agriculture, Waste Management & IT in Africa)
Policy formulation, review and Policy Consultancy

Oil & Gas Intellectual Property

#OilandGasIP will help Nigeria and other OPEC countries to reduce the cost of producing oil and gas as required by the H.M of Petroleum – Ibe Kachikwu.

  • The annual value of IP licensing, estimated at $250 billion is a positive message for the Board of Directors of any innovative company.
  • In the early economies, focus was on physical/tangible assets, till man realised Tangible Assets have a fixed product life.
  • Then focus shifted to Human Capital Assets, alas people also have a variable lifespan.
  • The focus is now on the Intangible Assets or “Intellectual Property Assets” that are often produced by good employees. IP assets have neither product life, nor life span limitations. (Excluding legal limitations).
  • Please contact us, if you need help on how to maximise “value” on Intellectual Property Assets/Intangible Assets in the oil and gas industry.
  • We will be leveraging on my past experience in advisory on Oil and Gas IP, to help your company maximise value through its Oil and Gas Intellectual Property (Oil and Gas IP).
  • The first “barrel” in any great oil and gas project is a good name, which should be protected!

Our bespoke Oil and Gas IP advisory service is tailored towards maximising value for:

Strategic Coaching

Scenario Analysis


I provide strategic business advice and insight on policy formulation and IP strategy clarification, to corporations, individuals and groups.


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